Polio Makes a Comeback in the US

Polio Makes a Comeback in the US

Polio RETURNS – In One Of The Biggest U.S. Cities…

(NewsReady.com) – For almost three years, the US has been battling COVID-19. Then, monkeypox began spreading throughout the country. Now, a once-eradicated virus has returned as well.

In June, a Rockland county, New York, man went to the emergency room after experiencing a fever for days. He told physicians he had pain in his back and stomach, a stiff neck, and weak legs. After tests, doctors diagnosed him with polio.

Upon learning of the man’s diagnosis, health officials began testing the wastewater in the community. They found that the virus had been circulating since May. Another person tested positive for it in August, and officials began worrying there might be hundreds more.

According to the CDC, no wild cases of polio have originated in the US. Officials had finally managed to eradicate the virus after it wreaked havoc on the nation for decades, killing and paralyzing thousands. President Franklin Roosevelt lost the use of his legs after contracting the disease.

According to an in-depth report by The Guardian, the latest appearance of the virus is the culmination of a perfect storm. The first man to come down with the infection caught it from the vaccine not used in the US anymore. It contains a weakened form of the virus, and the person who received it had to get it in another country. Anti-vaccine mistrust is also helping to fuel infections that are contracted outside of America and brought back here.

To combat a more widespread problem, health officials are launching campaigns for at-risk individuals to get the vaccine containing the dead virus.

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