Poll Results: Biden Lead Is Crumbling

Poll Results: Biden Lead Is Crumbling

(NewsReady.com) – Democrats have been encouraged recently by a series of polls that show Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump, both nationally and in key swing states. Biden’s supporters expected another surge after the Democratic National Convention (DNC), securing the lead he needs to take the White House in November – but it looks like they’re in for a disappointment.

John McLaughlin, the polling expert for the Trump 2020 campaign, says the race is a lot closer than it looks.

According to a CBS News/YouGov America poll, Biden has lost about 0.5% support nationally since the DNC began. Even worse, he’s lost twice that amount in the key battleground states that will decide the election. Combined with fading support among independents, who break 47% to 37% in Trump’s favor, this means Biden is at best about the same level of support as Hillary Clinton was at this point in the 2016 campaign.

One of the most dramatic shifts has been in Pennsylvania, one of the key battleground states this year. In July, Biden was polling at 53% in the state, a lead of 13% over Trump. Now he’s on 49% – just 4 points ahead.

A lot can change between now and November, but if Biden’s support keeps flaking away, his third run at the White House will likely end up the same way as the others at this rate: as a failure.

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