Poll: There Is a Silent Majority

Poll: There Is a Silent Majority
  • A century ago, in 1920, Calvin Coolidge’s campaign cast him as the voice of the Silent Majority.
  • In 1969, President Richard Nixon once again called on a Silent Majority to support a victory in Vietnam.
  • The 2016 election saw the Silent Majority rise up and support Donald Trump in long-held Democratic states. 
  • Trump is once again calling on these Americans to help him in 2020.

(NewsReady.com) – You’ve undoubtedly heard President Donald Trump talk about his Silent Majority. The mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t consider this group of people when they tell Americans presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is beating the president in the polls; the same way they weren’t considered in 2016. As the election draws nearer, questions about this group of citizens linger. Are they real or a myth?

Who Are The Silent Majority?

The Silent Majority is a group of people who do not express their political opinions publicly. These hard-working men and women aren’t interested in fighting on social media about what they believe. Frankly, they don’t have time for that.

Instead, they show up at the polls every election, and they vote. In 2016, thousands of these voters swung the election in the direction of Trump and broke down the blue wall in the Great Lakes states. Over the last few months, people have discussed whether or not a Silent Majority still exists. Are there people who are still hiding their political opinions?

Cato Poll Confirms

The Cato Institute conducted a poll recently and the findings weren’t as shocking as they may have been four years ago.

According to the survey, 62% of the respondents said the current political climate forces them to stay silent about their beliefs because someone might find it offensive. We’ve all seen what the Social Justice Warriors do when they’re offended.

This isn’t just a group of Conservatives either. Majorities of all of the groups say they don’t speak up. Most notably, however, is 59% of Independents who are afraid to express their opinions.

Those Independents are the voters who can swing the election one way or the other. If they decide they’re fed up with contemporary politics, the Silent Majority may very well rise again.

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