Poll: Voters Reject Cuts to Police

Poll: Voters Reject Cuts to Police

(NewsReady.com) – For weeks, the Democrats have been calling for cities to defund police departments. Some radical Left lawmakers mean they want to literally do that, while others say they just want to reallocate police funds. Both are terrible ideas according to the American people.

An ABC/Washington Post poll found 55% of those who participated rejected the notion of defunding the police.

This isn’t really a surprise. Americans want to be safe and reducing the funding of already cash-strapped law enforcement agencies would not help meet that goal.

In fact, some are calling for increased training for officers to address some of the issues in departments. This costs MORE money, not less. If an agency’s funds are reallocated, how are they going to pay for those vital programs?

The movement just doesn’t make any sense and voters know it.

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