Poll Worker FIRED After Writing This Tweet!

Poll Worker Fired After Calling for

Poll Worker Fired After Calling for “Fair and Free” Elections

(NewsReady.com) – The Georgia midterm elections were one of the most closely watched in the country. The Senate race in the state could ultimately determine which party has control of the upper chamber. Of course, poll workers were there to make sure the election was free and fair, but one of them was fired after posting about their work on social media.

Laura Kronen and her teenage son showed up at a Johns Creek polling station for work on November 8, but were soon asked to leave. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fulton County spokesperson Regina Waller said the two were asked to leave because of “questionable social media posts.” She refused to provide details of the content in question.

Kronen took to social media to discuss her dismissal. She claimed the decision was the result of her posting that she was “working at the polls to ensure a free and fair election.”

The conservative volunteer told WSB-TV 2 that she really wanted to work at the poll and said it was a “learning experience” for her and her son. Sadly, Kornen said that opportunity “was ripped away from [them] with no explanation except for a tweet.”

Election officials reached out to the news station and claimed the decision was made after another poll worker complained about Kronen’s social media posts. The county then contacted the secretary of state’s office, and they made a decision to fire the poll workers.

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