Pope Francis Asks Kim Jong-un Regime To Let Him Visit

Pope Francis Asks Kim Jong-un Regime To Let Him Visit

Pope Francis Sends Offer to Kim Jong Un

(NewsReady.com) – The Roman Catholic Church does not have any official branches in North Korea. However, the government still allegedly allows its people to practice the religion if they want to; it’s just overseen by the North Korean Catholic Association. Pope Francis is now making a bold request to Leader Kim Jong-un.

On August 26, the pontiff sat down for an interview with South Korea’s state broadcaster KBS. The Star reported that he said, “When [North Korea] invite[s] me — that is to say, please invite me — I won’t say no.” The pope went on to explain his goal in meeting with Kim’s regime would be “fraternity.”

Pope Francis isn’t new to the foreign relations between North and South Korea. He has previously called on the nations to work out their troubles and bring peace to the peninsula, saying Koreans are the ones who have “suffered from the war.”

Christians have long faced persecution in North Korea. Experts estimate there are up to 70,000 of them imprisoned in the country. Kim Il-sung, who founded the nation and ruled from 1948 to 1994, waged a war on Christianity, even executing followers of Jesus.

North Korea has not responded to the pope’s request to enter the country for any reason.

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