Popular Children’s Bath Toys Face Massive Recall

Popular Children's Bath Toys Face Massive Recall

(NewsReady.com) – Bath time can sometimes be a bit of a battle for parents. Toys can make the process a lot easier, providing a distraction for their children. Unfortunately, a company has now recalled a popular brand after several kids were injured.

On June 22, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of 7.5 million Zuru Baby Shark bath toys. The notice includes both mini and full-size toys. Twelve injuries have been reported after children fell or sat on them. Nine of the injuries required medical attention or stitches.

According to the announcement, the hard plastic fin of the shark on the toy can result in lacerations, impalement, or punctures. The full-size toys under recall measure about 7 inches from the tail to the nose. They are sold in pink, blue and yellow, either individually or in packs of three. The model number of the toys is “#25282,” and the date code has a range of DG20190501 through DG20220619.

The mini toys are about 4 inches long from the tail to the nose. They are sold in the same colors as the full-size ones and sold individually or in packs of two or three. They might also have been included in the Baby Shark Music Water playset. The toys the company is recalling include model numbers “#25291,” “#7163,” “#7166,” and “7175.” The date range is DG2020615 through DG2023525. Only those with hard fins, in both sizes, are impacted.

Anyone who has these products in their household should immediately stop using them. Zuru is offering full refunds of $6 for each mini-toy and $14 for each full-size toy. Consumers are also asked to write the word “recalled” on it, along with the code given during the registration process, and cut the fin on the full-size one or bend it on the mini-size, then upload a photo to https://www.recallrtr.com/bathshark.

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