Postmaster Slams Dem Delay Claims

Postmaster Slams Dem Delay Claims

( – With the Russia collusion scandal thoroughly debunked, leading Dems now seem to be trying to lay the groundwork for an appeal against the election results. However, on Monday, August 20, US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy spoke with a House committee, angrily dismissing Democrat claims that he’s deliberately sabotaging the postal service to interfere with mail-in ballots ahead of the November elections.

Left-wing politicians have been pushing for a huge expansion of postal voting – without strengthening anti-fraud measures – and they’re claiming DeJoy has been removing mailboxes and cutting staff overtime to slow down the mail.

The reality is that the USPS has been seriously underfunded for years. President Donald Trump has been trying to push through an emergency funding package for it – a package that was delayed by the usual Democrat habit of stuffing it with pork. It was finally approved two days ago, but DeJoy still had to appear in front of the House Oversight Committee to answer questions that are now irrelevant.

DeJoy assured the committee that he hasn’t ordered any staff cuts or the removal of any post offices, and said any further claims along those lines would be “furthering a false narrative to the American people.” He also said the USPS will be fully capable of handling election mail despite long-overdue reforms to the notoriously inefficient service.

All-in-all, The Dems’ recent attempts to smear DeJoy fall flat.

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