Potential Virus Corruption Ignites DOJ Investigation

Potential Virus Corruption Ignites DOJ Investigation

(NewsReady.com) – In February, before the stock market took a dive, a handful of senators sold off stocks. They’re facing accusations of insider trading by pundits across the country. Now, we know that at least one of them is under investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) is currently under the DOJ’s magnifying glass. He sold 33 stocks held by him and his spouse, valued between $628k and $1.7 million. The Washington Post claims the sell-off was unusual because it was the largest amount of stock he’s sold in a single day since at least 2016. That doesn’t mean that he was acting on information that he’d obtained in an official capacity, but it made people raise their eyebrows.

Even Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was highly critical of his Republican colleague during a segment on FOX News. The congressman went as far as calling Burr “the swamp.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is coordinating with the DOJ to uncover what exactly happened in Burr’s case, as well as others. Currently, spokespersons for the DOJ and SEC have refused to comment on the matter. Meanwhile, Burr has asked for the Senate Ethics Committee to do a full investigation into the matter and has stated he’ll cooperate with that process. He also denies all of the allegations against him.

Burr may be the first to feel the pressure from his recent stock market decisions, but he almost certainly won’t be the last.

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  1. Martha Stewart was imprisoned for a lesser offense. It is time to gethonesty and integrity back in Congress. We need to drain the swamp.

  2. Please calm down: Most of us knew that this thing is going to blow. All bankers and finance people did some hedging and selling. This was NOT inside info. Participating in a classified meeting about a pandemic can not be connected to inside info!
    Besides you give the politicians too much credit to know what is happening. They dont!!!

  3. Feinstein and another Democrat sold off, all four need to go to prison. Funny how this article excludes the 2 Democrats, and I’m sure this is just the top of the barrel.

  4. The Democrats have been doing this for years. A Republican does it and the DOJ investigates. It’s as corrupt as the FBI and CIA. Not to mention the DNC.

    • So.. R U saying it’s ok for (Repubs) because “someone else (Dems) has done it Before?
      A Piss Poor analogy!
      Both R Wrong.

  5. Burr probably wishes he were a Democrat now!!- if he were the democrats, FBI, and DoJ would be doing everything they could to protect him. Stupid Republican.

  6. Term limits and no revolving government door for them after they leave office. They live like kings on government credit cards and exempt themselves from the law of the land for the rest of us who by the way pay their salaries.

  7. They need to be punished All of us never had that opportunity and lose more and more every day. Martha Stewart went to jail for a lot less. Such a disgrace these people who run our country are so crooked and above the law. Not right.

  8. The more water flooding the field, the more worms will crawl up and out of the ground to survive. We can’t get them while their hiding, but we sure can when the sun comes out; and…..the sun is starting to shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. I don’t feel sorry for any one of them. They knew what they were doing without any thoughts for the other man and deserve whatever is dealt to them; they made their beds, they can now reap the benefits!

  9. I say like General Westmorland always told us paratroopers, kill the enemy where you find them. Anyone think that DC would be a pretty clear place to look?

  10. But I guess it’s “OK” that Dianne Feinstein’s husband also sold off stocks. After all no one is saying anything about that. I guess she and her husband don’t talk about such things………….yeah right. Let’s see some talk about that, or is this just another Democrat, once again, getting away with their corruption.

  11. THIS IS A DAM JOKE. Severe one term and salary for life, special insurance, not subject to the law, and in the know stock trades.
    The elected politicians are the problem!

  12. The evidence will prove out under investigation. However place yourself in their shoes. I.e. you have investments, and you also connected to financial heart beat more than the average investor because you are surrounded by different bills being written, and you hear the various economic gossip going around. One has to weigh all that information and protect your savings. One can also sit and think while painting your own picture from your own logic of what might occur. Our imaginations can run wild amidst speculative thinking. But no one answers for our investments other than we ourselves. Like I mentioned, the truth will come out during investigation. And if guilty, put them Martha’s cell too It should be well decorated !

  13. Selling the stock isn’t the worst of Burr’s actions. Worse is that he failed to inform the public what he had learned in the Committee hearing that had provoked his stock trades. He new then that the country was facing catastrophe and he said nothing to the people about it.

  14. Every statement on here has merit, If you start looking at family and brokers I would imagine it a very littered trail of bodies, They knew exactly what they were doing, Getting out befor the rest of us had a chance, Marth Stewart went to Jail for this exact same thing, They are not above the law, They should go also, Democrat or Republican, Put them all in a cell together, Maybe they would learn then who they work for, The part Biden could not remember WE THE PEOPLE !!!!!

  15. They all should be brought to justice for everything! I have never heard of a job whereby their perks are over the top and they get better medical coverage than the public! We elect these people to have luxuries!

  16. This makes me sick that the people we vote into office as our reps have the gull to take advantage of us with all the perks they receive, then sucker punch us by taking advantage of their power to abuse it! YOU KNOWS WHO PAYS FOR THIS? NOT THE RICH OR POOR, THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!

  17. they should be arrested
    they are totally untrustworthy and betrayed all of the people….how many in their family and friendships did they warn who also sold off their stock before it nosedived

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