President Blasts Lead House Democrats

President Blasts Lead House Democrats

( – Frustrated with the current proceedings (or lack thereof) of the impeachment inquiry, President Trump went on the offensive against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

First, Trump commented on Pelosi during a recent interview. Regarding her being “obsessed with impeachment,” the president said, “She’s become a crazed lunatic. She will go down as I think maybe the worst speaker in the history of our country.” Part one of this interview, found below, focused on Trump’s issues with how his impeachment is being handled.

Then, on Sunday, Trump took to Twitter to call include Schiff in his list of influential Democrats he has issues with.

Pelosi has stated that she wants to ensure a fair trial. To achieve that fair trial, Trump believes both her and Schiff should testify during the Senate proceedings. Time will tell if the request will be honored.

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  1. I never particularly liked Trump, but with all the Demoncrats have to offer I think he is still the least of the evil contenders……

  2. These barbarians are a pain in the ass, we are tremendously hurting, why in the hell they get away with all these garbage accusations but a true consolation to see national poll pulling away in favor of the president. People power rule! Trump all the way! Four more years!

  3. Everyone who is against Trump
    should not be allowed to go
    back into the Whie House unless
    they appoligize to Pres.Trump.
    There were many-many people
    who did not want Obama but
    we respected the office & did
    not embarrass our country. All
    those who won’t respect the
    Office should be thrown out
    Immediately. They have wasted
    3 yrs not counting the expenses.
    They should return all monies
    received for same period. All
    the Dems are going to hell in
    a hand basket. All liars will be
    In hell. Check ur Bible.

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