President Signs Funding Bill

President Signs Funding Bill

( – The government has been running on short-term funding bills for quite some time. Every few months, there’s speculation over whether the government will shut down or Congress will pass a measure to keep it operational. Lawmakers recently averted a crisis by passing another short-term spending bill.

On Friday, February 18, President Joe Biden signed a continuing resolution and avoided a shutdown for just three weeks. The new law will extend government funding until March 11. That’s when Congress will have to decide whether to pass a real budget or keep on operating with continuing resolutions that lawmakers have to frequently renew. The latest measure passed the Senate on Thursday 65 to 27.

One of the most important jobs Congress has is the power of the purse. It’s a basic function of the legislative branch to pass budgets that keep the government running. But time and again, the Democratically-controlled institution (barely) keeps it going. That’s because the GOP isn’t comfortable passing a massive pork-filled, long-term budget, and the Left refuses to give up their wish lists. As a result, it’s chaos on Capitol Hill every few weeks or months as lawmakers fight about whether the government can pay to keep the lights on.

Do you think Congress needs to get its act together and pass an actual budget?

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