President Trump Heads For Disaster-Struck Tennessee

President Trump Heads For Disaster-Struck Tennessee
  • Trump tours tornado impact areas around Nashville.
  • Federal disaster funding released to affected counties.
  • President sends his prayers and support to storm victims.
  • 25 known dead, hundreds injured in the wake of freak supercell.

( – President Trump announced Thursday that he planned to visit Tennessee and tour areas hit by destructive tornadoes earlier in the week. The visit, which took place Friday, coincided with the announcement that Trump had approved federal disaster relief for affected communities.

Devastation in The Volunteer State

Around 12:40 am Tuesday morning, a powerful tornado hit Nashville, TN, carving a path of destruction more than 50 miles long through the city and out into the surrounding countryside. Another tornado, classified as an “extreme” EF-4 one by the National Weather Service, then touched down to the east of Nashville, wreaking havoc across the county. That tornado, with winds of between 166mph and 200mph, caused most of the casualties, killing at least 18 people. It completely demolished an apartment complex and many homes.

In total, at least 12 confirmed tornadoes, produced by a supercell of thunderstorm weather conditions, swept Davidson, Putnam and Wilson counties. So far, 25 people are known to have died and hundreds more are injured. Storm damage cut power to several parts of Nashville and surrounding towns, leaving 73,000 people without electricity.

President Trump Responds

On Thursday, President Trump said he’d approved a disaster declaration for the affected counties, meaning federal funding will be available to help communities and victims get through the storm’s aftermath. As damage assessments reveal exactly how bad things are, more federal assistance may be authorized.

The president spent part of Friday touring areas — including Nashville and Putnam County — hit by the tornadoes and meeting victims. Trump was joined on tour by Governor Bill Lee, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and other local officials.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that the federal government is with the people of Tennessee. He has also offered victims his prayers and promised to keep monitoring developments:

The aftermath of the tornados continues to disrupt life in Nashville, with fallen trees and debris littering roads. Schools and many other public buildings were closed Tuesday and not all services have been restored yet.

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