President Trump Will Continue to Reshape Federal Judiciary

President Trump Will Continue to Reshape Federal Judiciary


  • President Donald Trump has put a historic number of judges on the federal bench.
  • Conservatives now hold a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court.
  • The lame-duck session isn’t slowing Republicans down. 
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Trump have a “no vacancy left behind” philosophy for the courts.

( – For the last decade or so, Republicans have been playing the long game. While Democrats focused their attention on identity politics, the GOP worked on getting as many lawmakers as possible elected at the local, state, and federal levels. The goal was to eventually gain a majority in the House, Senate, and White House to push their agenda through.

When President Donald Trump won the White House in 2016, the GOP finally had their shot to carry out their most important goal: put hundreds of Conservatives on the federal bench. That’s what the president and the Senate did for nearly four years, and they have no plans to stop now.

Vacancy Filled

On Thursday, December 3, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to vote on whether to confirm Thomas L. Kirsch II to the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The judge is replacing Amy Coney Barrett who’s now serving on the Supreme Court.

Democrats objected to the hearing, saying the GOP shouldn’t confirm any judges until January when they believe Joe Biden will replace Trump. Even if that does happen, why would it matter?

President Donald Trump was elected to a four-year term. He’s constitutionally obligated to carry out his duties as commander-in-chief for that entire time. Nowhere in the Constitution or federal law does it say a president should stop nominating potential judges or that the Senate shouldn’t confirm them during a lame-duck session.

Not only should the president continue reshaping the judiciary because it’s what the people wanted, but it’s also his job.

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