Presidential Hopeful Joe Exotic Appeals to Bud Light

( – In April, Anheuser-Busch angered Conservatives by sending a transgender social media star commemorative cans to celebrate her transition. She posted a picture of the can with her face, igniting a firestorm. Republicans began boycotting the beer. Months later, the star from the Netflix show “Tiger King” has waded into the battle from prison.

On July 15, the social media team for 60-year-old Joseph Allen Maldonado, who goes by “Joe Exotic,” posted a photo of a Budweiser beer can with his face and a tiger on it. The caption stated the beer company should “try putting the worlds [sic] favorite transphobic gay redneck on a can and get back to selling beer.”

In March, Maldonado announced he was running for president as a Libertarian. The declaration was strange because he’s currently serving a 21-year sentence in prison for trying to pay a hitman to kill his rival, Carole Baskin. He was also convicted of selling and killing tigers.

When he announced his campaign, Maldonado acknowledged that he was in prison but said it was his constitutional right to run. Currently, there’s no law preventing someone serving a prison term from running for president. He said he was campaigning for the Oval Office because he has a platform that could force politicians to listen to the concerns of Americans. He went on to accuse lawmakers of lying to the American people and taking their “hard earned money calling it taxes,” then sending it to foreign countries for nothing in return.

Maldonado has also claimed he’s innocent, denying allegations that he tried to kill his rival. The convict lobbied for a pardon when former President Donald Trump was in office. However, the 45th president did not give him one.

To say that Maldonado is a long-shot candidate would be an understatement, but anything is possible in America.

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