Pride Protestors Surround Preacher, Rip His Bible Up While Barking Like Dogs

Pride Protestors Surround Preacher, Rip His Bible Up While Screaming Like Dogs

( – Pride parades took place across the country on June 25. Members of the LGBTQ+ community turned out in droves to commemorate the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots. Members of the religious community also turned out to protest the events. One pastor was harassed when he set up at one of the events.

Matthew “The Street Preacher” Meinecke attended the Pride parade in Seattle and read the holy word to the attendees. He was standing on a corner, reading his Bible out loud, when a mob of people confronted him. One man stood in front of the preacher and ripped his Bible to shreds.

Video of the incident shows the man telling him that nobody wants the preacher at the event. Meinecke is heard telling the man, identified by someone as “Daniel,” that he is “full of hate.” The man’s friends tell him to stop, but he continues to destroy the Bible. Someone who appears to be dressed as security for the event tells the man to walk away.

Another video shows a different confrontation. A staff member at the parade walked up to the preacher and got in his face. In the video, the staffer repeatedly calls Meinecke a protester. According to an independent journalist at the event, labeling him a protester would have allowed the police to issue a trespassing warning because he didn’t have a permit to be there.

Activists also barked at the preacher like dogs.

In addition to the harassment the preacher faced, children were subjected to naked men riding around on bicycles. They biked the parade route slowly, with their genitals exposed for everyone to see. Others joined them, and they danced in a fountain with water spraying on their bodies. Meanwhile, kids walked around the area and saw the whole thing. An LGBTQ+ influencer on TikTok condemned the behavior of the naked paradegoers, saying they were behaving as if they had no sense. The majority of the comments were from users who agreed.

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