Pro-Warren PAC in Action

Pro-Warren PAC in Action

( – Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) performed much worse than she, and many others, initially anticipated in Iowa and New Hampshire. However, Warren has gone back to her narrative of being a “fighter” and is staying the race. With her fighting spirit still on the campaign trail, a new super PAC called “Persist” is paying for around $800,000 in ads promoting Warren for president.

Not everyone is equally enthused to learn about this news, especially those who aren’t fully on board the Warren train. Some see this super PAC support as a contradiction in her messages about the role of money in politics. While running any political campaign is expensive, detractors see Persist’s actions as counter-productive for the Warren campaign.

On the other hand, Warren’s campaign, or anyone else’s for that matter, is not allowed to communicate with outside groups. So, they can’t actually tell them what they can and cannot do.

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