Progressive Coalition Backs Sanders

Progressive Coalition Backs Sanders

In an attempt to boost Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) chances to win the DNC presidential nomination, The Center for Popular Democracy Action (CPDA) has officially thrown its support behind him.

The CPDA is a coalition of over 50 progressive-minded groups seeking to influence society and politics at large. It held a series of votes to determine which DNC presidential candidate it would support. What started as a roster of 15 individuals was narrowed down to three: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Julián Castro (D-TX) and Bernie Sanders.

Jennifer Epps-Addison, the co-executive director and network president of the CPDA, had this to say on the coalition’s endorsement:

“Bernie Sanders is the powerful movement candidate we need to defeat Donald Trump. From ending mass incarceration and deportations to the $15 minimum wage and Medicare for All, Sanders is working hand-in-hand with our communities to champion the policies that we need to thrive.”

Even with this newfound support, Sanders still has to battle for first place among Democrats. According to Real Clear Politics polling data, the primary contenders are as follows:

  • Biden — 28.7%
  • Sanders — 17.3%
  • Warren — 14.8%
  • Buttigieg — 9.2%

Only time will tell if Sanders’ new support group can do enough to propel him into first place.

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