Proposed Law Suggests Confederate Flag Could Make Comeback In California

( – During Pride Month, the city of Carlsbad, California, passed a resolution to fly an LGBTQ+ flag above City Hall. The decision led to requests to fly other flags. The City Council has now made a decision on the matter.

On Tuesday, July 11, the City Council discussed whether they should allow the raising of other flags above City Hall. The discussion came roughly two months after a May meeting where they decided they would not pass an official policy. Duing the recent meeting, City Councilmember Melanie Burkholder said she had received requests from residents who wanted to fly more than a dozen flags, including one that supports the National Rifle Association and one that honors the Confederacy.

According to reports, there were also requests to fly “straight pride,” Christian, and Juneteenth flags. Some community members called on officials to reject all except the state and US emblems. They explained those flags represent everyone, not just select groups of people.

Burkholder said the issue was a matter of “fairness.” She explained that she believed if one group was allowed to “convey government speech,” then there should be an evaluation for the other groups that wanted to do the same.

A city resident slammed the possibility of a Confederate flag flying above the city. They said it would mean Carlsbad wasn’t “safe for everyone.” California was a member of the Union during the Civil War. The state’s troops helped chase the Confederacy out of Arizona and New Mexico. They also sent soldiers back east to assist in the Union’s effort. But that was more than 100 years ago. Another resident said the flag is “in the history books,” and they believed “it should remain that way.”

Ultimately, the city decided it would not move forward with talks. That means the only flags flying above the city will be the state and US symbols and the Pride flag in June.

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