Putin Is Reportedly Building a Network of Trenches Near Ukraine

Putin Is Reportedly Building a Network of Trenches Near Ukraine

(NewsReady.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine more than a year ago. Even though his country has suffered severe economic impacts and lost many lives, he refuses to end the conflict. Instead of ending the war, his soldiers are becoming more entrenched—literally.

On April 10, the Twitter account War Mapper posted a photo of Ukraine that showed a bunch of dots. The caption of the post claimed the Russian military had “been developing an extensive series of defense fortifications” behind the frontline.

On April 18, More Mapper, another social media account that updates each day, showed yellow additions. The marks on the map were reportedly “trenches and defensive positions along the Zaporizhzhia front.”

Retired Marine Colonel Mark Cancian, who now works for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), spoke to Newsweek about the war. He said he thinks Ukraine is going to launch a spring offensive soon, and he believes it might start in Zaporizhzhia.

The Guardian reported Patriot air defense systems were finally delivered to Ukraine recently, and they are expected to make a significant difference in the war. The United States is giving the country $325 million more in military aid, including anti-tank mines, ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, and advanced missiles. The package is the 36th since the war began and isn’t likely to be the last.

While both sides gear up for more fighting, it seems as though the conflict is never going to end. Neither side is willing to compromise with the other. Ukraine has repeatedly declared that it will not agree to any resolution that includes giving its enemy any of its territories. Russia wants both the land and a guarantee that its neighbor will never join NATO. Until the two countries can find some middle ground, it seems the war will continue indefinitely.

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