Putin Statue Appears in Ukraine

Putin Statue Appears in Ukraine

STRANGE Putin Statue Appears In Ukraine – Photos Released

(NewsReady.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has been waging war on a neighboring country for more than two months. So, the last place one might expect to find a statue of him is in that very nation. That’s exactly what happened — except the statue isn’t very flattering.

On Saturday, May 7, a 20-foot-high steel sculpture of Putin’s head with a gun pointed in his mouth was rolled into the middle of downtown Kyiv. The sculpture, named “Shoot Yourself,” was created by sculptor Dmitry Iv. An inscription on the statue read, “Putler, did you understand the hint?”

Warning: some readers might find the following image disturbing. Click here to see a picture of the statue. 

Iv told CTV News he usually works with soft material, but used rusted steel to show “war is tough.” He explained he didn’t think there should be any beauty in the statue.

The statue’s erection, which only lasted 8 hours, comes amid reports Lithuania designated Russia a sponsor of terrorism.

In a statement posted online, the Lithuanian government accused Russia of genocide against the Ukrainian people. The country is the first to designate Putin’s country as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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