Putin’s “Brain” Says Civil War Will Happen if Russia Loses


(NewsReady.com) – Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin has long been viewed as President Vladimir Putin’s brain. He’s also one of the oligarchs who has experienced a very personal loss from the war in Ukraine. Recently, he made a prediction about the state of affairs in his country.

Dugin recently sat down for an interview with the Dubai-based “Al Arabiya” channel. He said his country is currently embroiled in a “very dangerous war” that it “cannot lose.” The Russian philosopher believes that if Putin were to cede any of the Ukrainian territory it has stolen, then it would lead to a civil war back home. He stated they would have to “fight to the end” because they can’t stop at this point.

Further, Dugin said that Russia isn’t going to be happy until Ukraine has “been liberated from the pro-NATO political elites.” Putin has long decried the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe. One of his demands to end the war is for Ukraine to promise it would never try to join the international organization. Neither NATO nor Ukraine has given in to that demand, arguing it isn’t Putin’s decision to make.

As for nuclear weapons, Dugin claimed Russia wouldn’t use them, so it doesn’t need to make threats about them. Putin has, in fact, threatened to use weapons of mass destruction. A split second after making the claim, Dugin contradicted himself and said that if his country begins to lose the war against Ukraine, then it would consider using nuclear weapons. If that were the case, he said the West would declare victory, and Russia would lose but justified it by claiming his country “would survive and humanity would be saved.”

Dugin’s daughter, Darya Dugina, died several months into the war when her car exploded. US officials believe Ukraine had something to do with her assassination.

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