“Putin’s Brain” TURNS ON HIM – An Act of Betrayal!

Putin's Brain Just Turned on Him

Putin’s Brain Just Turned on Him

(NewsReady.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t having the best couple of months. The unprovoked war he launched is falling apart. Now, one of his closest allies has turned on him.

On November 12, Alexander Dugin, the man known as “Putin’s brain,” called him out in a post on Telegram. According to Newsweek, he was angry that troops pulled out of Kherson, claiming Putin was “surrendering” and failing to defend Russian cities.

Dugin went further, saying Putin wouldn’t be able to repair his image just by making appearances at home. Instead, he said the leader couldn’t surrender anymore, but needed to commit to a Russian idea. As for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, Dugin said that would be “stupid.”

In August, Dugin’s daughter, Darya Dugina, died in a car bomb explosion in Moscow. US intelligence agencies reportedly believe Ukraine was responsible for the attack that killed the 29-year-old, making the war very personal to Dugin.

Still, Dugin’s remarks about Putin were somewhat surprising given the close nature of their relationship. They also came at a bad time for the Russian leader; not only has he lost in Kherson, but Ukraine has been slowly taking back territory that was stolen from it. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed or injured, forcing the military to recruit outside of its country.

Dugin’s criticisms are just one more stain on the floundering Russian autocrat.

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