Putin’s Next Invasion Target Might Be Moldova

Putin's Next Invasion Target Might Be Moldova

(NewsReady.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago. His forces have suffered incredible losses on the battlefield. There was a concern after the invasion that Putin would spread his aggression to other countries — that is at the forefront of conversations again.

Moldova could be the next nation Putin authorizes an invasion on. There’s a theory that he is trying to take back the countries that were historically a part of Russia. Though he has repeatedly claimed his authorization of the invasion of Ukraine was because he was trying to “de-Nazify” it and protect citizens who wanted to join the Federation of Russia, experts have brushed those claims off.

Kervin Aucoin, a former Army intelligence officer, told Newsmax that he believes the targeting of Moldova is “becoming more likely” in the wake of its government’s chaos. The Washington Post reported that on February 13, Moldovan President Maia Sandu accused Moscow of a plot to overthrow the government in order to bring it under Russia’s control.

Sandu claimed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told her that his intelligence agents intercepted Russian documents that contained Putin’s plans for Moldova. The president’s opposition claimed Ukraine is just trying to draw it into the war. Russian state media is also alleging Zelenskyy is attempting to draw the country into the ongoing conflict.

Protests have recently broken out in Moldova. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita resigned from office on February 10. The PM was a pro-Western official, and Sandu is replacing her with another leader who holds the same beliefs.

Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, called the allegations made by Sandu “baseless and unsubstantiated.” She said there is no plot in the country to destabilize Moldova and said Russia doesn’t ever interfere with the affairs of other nations.

Russia is currently interfering in Ukraine’s affairs by trying to annex its territory and replace the local governments.

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