QAnon and Militia Groups Face Censorship Before Election

QAnon and Militia Groups Face Censorship Before Election
  • Facebook has been accused of unfairly censoring Conservatives. 
  • President Trump has often been a target of censorship by social media companies. 
  • The Trump Administration is moving to limit Big Tech’s liability protections. 
  • More Conservative groups are now in the crosshairs of Facebook.

( – Facebook and other social media companies have repeatedly censored Republicans over the last few years. They’ve attacked President Donald Trump, now they’re going after his supporters — specifically, they’re targeting QAnon and pro-American militia groups.

Facebook Targets Conservative Groups

On September 30, Facebook announced it was going to ban political ads that “praise, support or represent” militia groups and QAnon. Additionally, content from the groups will be “further down” on their newsfeeds. Basically, the social media giant is attempting to prevent people from seeing the posts from the groups they have made a conscious decision to follow.

It’s not really clear what Facebook’s problem with QAnon is. The organization is often called a “conspiracy theory group,” but one of their main goals is to protect children from sex trafficking and abuse. The social media company claims it’s going to direct its users to “credible child safety resources” when people type in hashtags like #savethechildren.

Censorship Run Amuck

There are First Amendment issues being raised about the censorship of Conservative groups by social media companies. Although the businesses are technically private and have the right to enforce their terms of service, they’re also used as the modern public square.

The Supreme Court has not heard a case about the censorship concerns, but it’s possible they could in the next few years if the current climate persists. There are also concerns that the companies are unevenly enforcing their rules. That’s why President Trump and Republicans are trying to limit the liability protections for Big Tech giants.

The American people have an expectation that they won’t be discriminated against for their beliefs. It seems as though Liberal social media companies don’t share the same values.

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