Rail Company Will Be Footing a Big Bill in East Palestine

Rail Company Will Be Footing a Big Bill in East Palestine

(NewsReady.com) – Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, have repeatedly called on authorities to relocate them while the remnants from the train crash are cleaned up. They are very concerned about the impact the pollution left by the derailment will have on their health. Norfolk Southern has now agreed to pay to relocate those who want to move.

On March 6, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an update about cleanup efforts in the area. According to its statement, soil removal is underway. Though the federal agency has not detected any pollution that could be a concern, residents will be able to relocate. Norfolk Southern has promised “financing assistance for temporary lodging and other expenses” for anyone who wants to leave.

When the train derailed at the beginning of February, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) allowed a controlled release of the chemicals that were in the cars. Officials evacuated all of the residents within a one-mile radius of the site. Chemicals poured into the air and the Earth.

Residents begged Norfolk Southern for help at a recent meeting with representatives from Norfolk Southern, Fortune reported. One man told the reps it wasn’t “safe” in the town. He went further, saying, “I’m begging you, […] please get our people out of here.”

Residents in the area were also mad that the rail company reopened the line a week after the accident, but it never removed the soil under the tracks. Darrell Wilson, a company representative, told the residents that Norfolk Southern felt really bad about what happened in the town. He claimed that over 2 million gallons of liquid waste were already moved. Wilson claimed that the soil waste should be cleaned by the end of April. However, that depends on when they can begin that part of the project.

Residents who wish to relocate at the expense of Norfolk Southern are being asked to contact a resource hotline at 800-230-7049. They can also visit the Abundant Life Church in New Waterford, Ohio, where the Family Assistance Center is set up.

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