Rand Paul Puts Biden’s SOTU Speech to Shame

Rand Paul Puts Biden's SOTU Speech to Shame

(NewsReady.com) – After President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union Address on March 1, a number of politicians responded. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds gave the official response for the Republican Party, outlining all the problems the GOP has with the administration. Then, there was the unofficial conservative response from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), and he put the president to shame.

Paul started his speech by telling Americans Biden doesn’t know what’s happening in the US, or he’s hoping the American people don’t know. He asked, “What is the state of the union?” The senator responded that it’s “poor.” The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a massive crisis in Europe, inflation is out of control in the US, parents are frustrated because of the education their kids are receiving, and COVID-19 mandates remain a problem for many. The senator believes much of that is Biden’s fault.

Senator Paul slammed Biden over the supply chain shortages that have left grocery store shelves empty and deliveries late across the country. While the country has suffered as the result of lockdowns for two years, he said Congress has added trillions of dollars of new debt to the economy. Paul went on to hit the president on critical race theory (CRT), gender issues, science, and Biden’s enablers in Congress. Despite all the issues, the Republican believes the country will bounce back.

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