Relief Bill Deadline in the Works

Relief Bill Deadline in the Works

( – Negotiations of the HEROES Act are tense as House Democrats and Senate Republicans struggle to see eye-to-eye. There’s some talk that the GOP and President Trump are preparing to shoot down the new stimulus bill, but there’s no official word yet. Now, the US Chamber of Commerce, a large lobbying group, says it expects negotiations to be completed before July 4.

That’s well over a month away, but it may not be enough. The $484 billion interim stimulus bill took about two weeks to finally pass, and that was intended to be a bridge between the $2 trillion CARES and $3 trillion HEROES Acts. With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) drawing lines in the sand over what needs to be in the bill, the stakes are high.

Although the two political parties disagree on much, they do agree on one thing: the economy needs to recover. The dispute is on how best to do that, especially with the Left trying to force citizens to pay for illegals and adding other crazy demands. Hopefully, Pelosi and her party will put Americans first so the aid can move forward before Congress recesses on Independence Day.

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  1. Who is to say how much money it takes to rebound.there are people being evicted ,homeless ,nowhere to turn.

  2. While Pelosi and company try to soak tax payers for the illegals, Trump is looking out after the legal American citizens. Everyone else should only get charity from churches, etc., if they don’t consider that better than where they came from, self deport.

  3. I still haven’t received my stimulus check yet and I’m trying to hold on I have bills to pay after that I’m trying to buy food I don’t get food stamps my rent and car payment is very high,

  4. Money only for legal citizens. No extras. No money for the states or other special interests. The working people will need money to get back and forth to work. And no interference by telling us what is a necessity and what isn’t. By the way, clothing IS a necessity.

  5. I haven’t to date received a stimulus check, If I get one Cool, if not, no biggie

  6. This is my opinion on all of this; First (1) all individuals collecting the added $600.00 per week on top of their state un-employment wage should keep this through the end of the year. Second (2) each and every adult CITIZEN over the age of 16 should receive $1200.00 under the HEROS act. Third (3) Each and every adult CITIZEN over the age of 16 should receive $2000.00 monthly through the end of the year, if a workable vaccine is found. Fourth (4) If no workable vaccine is found, continue the $2000.00 per month until one is found. Please note that I have capitalized the word citizen. All illegals , un-documented, visa holders and foreign students can go “bleed” their respective countries that they came from!

    • No vaccine for a virus, viruses mutate constantly. Which is why the Flu shot is basically a shot in the dark. There will never be a vaccine for all Corona type viruses. Vaccines which are injected into your body have aborted fetal cells in then, mercury, and other preservatives, which later cause cancer. I know three times as many people who have died from cancer than from corona. Amazing how Bill Gates touts vaccines but never allowed his kids to be vaccinated.

  7. Right. People don’t get the trucks Dems/PELOSI are doing this 3 TRILLION is nent for the Repubs and Trump to veto so they can spin it with the media that Trump don’t help people. Main issue.
      In March, Pres Trump said he had closed down the country for a possible pandemic.  Then he said, that he would send direct stimulus payments based üpon people’s SS numbers directly from the US Treasury to stimulate the economy.    The 1st payment, lump sum of 4200, then 600/week til July. This was to keep the economy working.  He was blind-sided by Pelosi!
    The Senate sent the bill to the Dem House:  Pelosi flew in and changed the amounts and the distribution method. 
    The lump sum, 1200, would be tied to taxes and distributed by IRS.  That money was to be distributed  immediately to stimulate the economy by the people.  Didn’t happen.  By the time the qualifications were applied and people would receive this stimulus ck the crisis may be over.  Not all SS number would receive it as promised lowering the desired effect.  So yea Pelosi keeps the economy tanked for the November elections.
      Next, the weekly amount Pelosi gave to the states to distribute, or not, by means of their inept unemployment systems knowing full well that Republican run states have the stingiest systems geared to give the least amount of money to the smallest group of people with the longest wait times (my room mate just got his acceptence letter in Florida and he goes back to work this week. So he figuretively starved for 2 months. Meaning also he loses the stimulus money because it’s now connected to unemployment benefits not stimulus Money. So no Direct payments by SS from the US Treasury.  Therefore;  no immediate economy stimulation, and the distribution amounts to less money to accomplish the stimulation. Ultimate result- effect it maintains a tanked economy til November election.  I am  hearing  all the time that Trump’s at fault for not getting relief to the people. Also lets keep in mind that this money was not a Bailout it was suppose to be “stimulation of the economy”  by way of the people through July.(Obama in 2008-9 gave everything to the banking system to stimulate)  It was not supposed to be unemployment checks or tax rebates/credits with state controls. It was to be direct payments by the US Treasury like payroll.
    Pelosi actually achieved everything she wanted plus.  Like a expect Gov Desantis (R) FL will serve 1 Term and he has lost alöt if votes for Trump.  Enough to make  Fl.  Blue in Nov.  Pelosi and a Dem House did this.   Now Dem states are trying to close as long as possible……The 3 TRILLION latest attack is to make the Republicans veto it (it’s filled with PELOSI and company Wish Lists) then the national media  bia spin will be ‘Trump’s Republicans’ hate the lower classes of society.

  8. Toss out the Pelosi items that have NOTHING to do with hardships caused by the pandemic and get on with passing a bill

  9. This bill should help the Heroes of our nation and should help every American. Businesses should be left out of the bill and illegals should get nothing. If they refuse to give the American people money the economy will still suffer greatly because if we have nothing to buy good and services from the stores they will go broke and have to shut down regardless of how much money they give businesses to bail them out.

  10. SO while the gov eats and plays golf,others are in food lines or being ready to be homeless these fools are saying whats the rush.Shame on them all no one can wait til July. Time to act now not 2 months.

  11. The ambiguous partisan HEROS bill should be killed and only one relief bill should be offered by McConnell right now and it should only be a $1200 assistance check every two weeks for the next two months like the one offered in the first bill, with one catch, it needs to be spent in 10 days of receipt on necessities. Mark Cuban suggested this and I think its great. The GOP could also add monies for Food banks, but nothing that is even close to PARTISAN, eliminating and hold up by PELOSI OR SCHUMER. it is this or nothing, period the end.

    This would put monies in the hands of those that would ignite the economy and save the working class. If the GOP negotiates the HEROS bill they are stupider then I thought. Pelosi and Schumer need to be put in their place and forced to help the common man, woman and what ever they want to identify by.

  12. Should only include in bill provisions that deal with help concerning what the coronavirus has created.
    All other items should be presented in separate bills.

  13. Sad people need it now I know I see people having it hard getting kicked out because of rent money you can say all you want there is lot of us trying to stay afloat and family has kids having it very hard to I think they should do this next 3 months get everyone back on feet world open back up

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