Religious Freedom Sees Victory in New Jersey Supreme Court

Religious Freedom Sees Victory In New Jersey Supreme Court

( – Once again, the Supreme Court weighed in on COVID-19 restrictions on December 15. And, the court issued another ruling that made it clear the justices plan to protect the religious freedoms of Americans.

The justices struck down more COVID-19 restrictions, this time in New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy (D) limited the capacity of indoor religious services to 25%, but didn’t limit any businesses.

In the ruling, the court cited the precedent set by the Roman Catholic Diocese v. Cuomo. In that case, the Catholic church sued Democratic NY Governor Andrew Cuomo over capacity restrictions as well. The court struck down the policies because they unfairly targeted religious organizations and, in doing so, violated the First Amendment.

The court has also struck down the same sort of restriction in California. It’s in cases like these where Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s presence is really felt. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg was on the high court, it upheld the same type of restrictions it’s now striking down. Now, the conservative majority is standing firm.

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