Reopening Plans for All 50 States

Reopening Plans for All 50 States
  • Americans across the US are protesting restrictive emergency orders.
  • President Trump is leaving reopening decisions up to each state.
  • Some states never had stay-at-home orders to begin with.
  • Almost all governors have released plans outlining their states’ recovery. 

( – President Donald Trump and governors across the country are turning their attention toward reopening the country as the COVID-19 pandemic slows in some places. A few weeks ago, the commander-in-chief released a three-phase plan for states to use as a guideline to reopen. Currently, about 97% of the country is under stay-at-home orders, but that’s about to change.

The following state plans are as of April 29.


Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) announced on April 28, she’d allow the state to start reopening its economy on Thursday, April 30. Retail stores will be allowed to open at a 50% occupancy. Beaches will also reopen but social distancing rules will apply. Medical procedures may begin again.


Governor Mike Dunleavy’s (R) stay-at-home order expired April 21. Schools are closed for the rest of the year. Other non-essential businesses, like hair salons, were allowed to reopen but have to follow the state’s mandates.


Arizona’s stay-at-home order will expire on April 30. Governor Doug Ducey (R) said he’s expanding testing in the state to presumably get ready for the reopening.


Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) never asked residents to stay home.


Governor Gavin Newsom (D) said his state is a couple of weeks away from reopening. Six Bay Area counties extended their shelter-in-place orders until the end of May.


Governor Jared Polis (D) issued a guideline on April 26 to help the state reopen. Elective surgeries can start again, social distancing must continue, and on May 4, commercial businesses are allowed to open with 50% of employees.


Governor Ned Lamont (D) said his state will probably start reopening sometime in June. The state’s stay-at-home order expires May 20.


Gov. John Carney’s (D) stay-at-home order ends on May 15. The governor is not ready to open businesses and it’s seeking feedback from citizens.


Governor Ron DeSantis (R) met with President Donald Trump on April 28 to talk about the state’s reopening plans. The state’s stay-at-home order will expire on April 30, some beaches are already open again.


Some businesses have already reopened in Georgia, including gyms. The state’s stay-at-home order expires on April 30, as well.


Hawaii will remain closed until the end of May.


Gov. Brad Little (R) is going to start reopening the state and some nonessential businesses on May 1. The reopening will happen in phases, but the governor is warning some of it isn’t going to “be perfectly fair.”


Illinois will start reopening on May 1. There will be significant changes though. For example, nonessential retail stores can open but only to fill online and phone orders. People have to wear masks in public if they can’t maintain a 6-foot distance. Golfers can go to courses but there are strict guidelines. There will be a number of other restrictions to follow.


Governor Eric Holcomb (R) will make a decision on May 1 about reopening the state. He is, however, focusing on getting people services for mental health issues during the pandemic.


Iowa never had a stay-at-home order but they did have restrictions on restaurants and such. Those rules will start loosening on May 1.


The state will begin lifting restrictions when their shelter-at-home order lifts on May 3, but the government hasn’t laid out specific plans yet.


Governor Andy Beshear’s (D) stay-at-home order is indefinite right now. No reopening plans have been announced.


The state’s order was extended until May 15.


Governor Janet Mills (D) recently offered a plan to begin reopening the state gradually. Her stay home order will go through May 31, but some activities can resume.


Gov. Larry Hogan (R) will start reopening his state in three phases in May.


Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) extended the state’s restrictions until May 18.


Michigan relaxed some restrictions already but residents are being told to stay home until at least May 15. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is being sued over her orders, however.


The state is in the process of reopening and trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy.


Gov. Tate Reeves (R) is allowing some businesses to open again and he’s cautiously optimistic others will follow.


May 4 is the date Missouri will try to start getting back to normal.


Montana has already begun reopening.


Nebraska doesn’t have a stay-at-home order.


On April 29, Nevada Gov. Sisolak (D) told ABC News the state would have to extend its order because coronavirus numbers haven’t dropped enough.

New Hampshire

Gov. Chris Sununu (R) extended the state’s emergency declaration until May 15. The stay-at-home order is set to expire on May 4, but could be extended also.

New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy (D) plans to reopen the state in six phases but the order to stay home is extended indefinitely.

New Mexico

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) extended the state’s order through May 15.

New York

New York is the hardest-hit state in the US, but some areas are okay. The counties seeing a drop in COVID-19 cases will be allowed to ease restrictions. Other areas, like NYC, are likely to see shelter-at-home orders extended through May.

North Carolina

The state’s order asking residents to stay home extends through May 8. If the COVID-19 cases aren’t low enough, it may be extended longer.

North Dakota

Residents of North Dakota did not have an order requiring them to stay home.


Residents of Ohio will see restrictions begin to gradually lift beginning on May 1.


This state did not have an order forcing people to stay home.


Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) will get her state back to work in three phases. Counties must meet certain criteria before they reopen.


Governor Tom Wolf (D) will start relaxing rules on May 1 and some counties will reopen on May 8.

Rhode Island

The state is expected to start its process of getting back to work on May 9.

South Carolina

On April 28, Gov. Henry McMaster (R) extended the state’s restrictions for 15 more days.

South Dakota

The state never had a stay-at-home order.


Tennessee began reopening on April 29. Governor Bill Lee plans to reopen in phases.


The Lonestar State is going to start getting back to limited business on May 1.


Gov. Gary Herbert (R) is allowing Utah to start reopening on May 1. Like other states it’ll be a gradual process.


Gov. Phil Scott (R) has eased restrictions and some people were allowed to go back to work.


Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has an order in effect until June 10. There are no plans to reopen as of now.


Washington’s stay-at-home order could be extended. The state was one of the hardest hit.

West Virginia

Governor Jim Justice (R) announced a 6-week reopening plan that began on April 30.


Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) let some nonessential, no-contact businesses to resume operations on April 29. The state is reopening slowly.


The state will begin reopening on May 1. Gatherings of more than 10 people are limited until May 10.

COVID-19 Is Constantly Changing Things

All of the plans above are subject to change if the outbreak suddenly spikes. All of the nation’s governors just want to keep people safe.

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