Rep. Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty

Rep. Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty

After pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds, Rep. Duncan Hunter (D-CA) is facing between 1 and 5 years of jail time.

Hunter had a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe with a mistress, who was also a lobbyist. He used his campaign funds to pay for the ordeal that included skiing and room service. His wife, Margaret, also pleaded guilty to conspiring with her husband and is testifying against him.

However, that wasn’t the only thing Hunter spent his campaign finances on. Hunter’s guilty plea marks the end of a three-year investigation. He spent in excess of $250,000 of misappropriated campaign funds on weekend getaways, private school tuition for his children and the transporting of pet rabbits, among other things.

Hunter commented on the hearings by saying “I made mistakes and that’s what today was all about.”

Assistant US Attorney Phil Halpern believes that Hunter’s statement was disingenuous.

“That is not consistent with the facts,” Halpern said. “The evidence is crystal clear that he knowingly and willfully [misspent] more than $150,000. … It wasn’t an accounting problem that he went to Lake Tahoe and spent more than $1,000 … with another individual. That’s a fact.”

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