Rep. Moves to Limit Influence on Federal Judges

Rep. Moves to Limit Influence on Federal Judges

( – Partisan politics is playing a highly-disruptive role in America, especially when it comes to congressional proceedings. As we’ve witnessed with the stimulus package deliberations alone, not to mention President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, partisanship is getting in the way of justice and stability. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), member of the House Judiciary Committee, just proposed a controversial measure he believes would help remove partisanship from federal courts.

Jordan believes federal judges shouldn’t be a part of legal organizations that are blatantly partisan in nature. The Federalist Society (Right-leaning) and the American Constitution Society (Left-leaning) are the prime examples. Jordan’s goal is to restore the public’s trust in our federal judicial system.

Not everyone agrees with him, however. A Federalist Society member said this “smacks of censorship.” Dictating what third-party organizations a federal judge may belong to does indeed raise issues regarding individual liberty.

Still, speaking at events hosted by these groups is “broadly permissible.” It’s the membership of such organizations the House member is questioning. Judges could still join organizations like the American Bar Association.

The hope is to remove partiality on the bench and create a fairer system with no bias.

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