Report Says Hillary Clinton Evidence Could Lead to Indictments

Hillary Clinton Evidence Could Lead to Indictments

( – Special Counsel John Durham could have evidence to support the indictment of “multiple people” for spying on former President Donald Trump. Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might be one of them.

On February 11, Durham filed a new motion in the long-running investigation into the Russia collusion scandal. It claims Clinton campaign lawyers paid tech experts to penetrate servers in Trump Towers and the White House in an attempt to spark an investigation into Trump’s alleged links to Russia.

The new motion centers on former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, who passed information to the FBI on behalf of a US-based tech company and Hillary’s campaign team. Sussman claims he wasn’t working “for any client” when he handed documents to the FBI, but Durham says Sussman’s business records show he was billing the Clinton campaign for the work.

Additionally, Durham goes on to say that an executive at the unnamed tech company asked researchers at a US university to mine data and create a “narrative” that would link Trump to the Kremlin. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says he’s personally given the Justice Department (DOJ) almost a thousand pages of evidence to support the probe, and that Durham now has enough evidence to start indicting people.

Trump responded to the news by saying this scandal is “far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate,” and those who authorized it should face prosecution.

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