Reporter Deletes Post After Ridiculous Claim

Reporter Deletes Post After Ridiculous Claim

( – There are a lot of dangerous jobs in America. Firefighters run into burning buildings. Police officers catch criminals. Road construction workers do their jobs on the sides of busy streets. The one job that comes to mind is not “journalist” and yet, one reporter tried to make it seem as though she was putting her life on the line every day.

On May 4, NPR correspondent Sarah McCammon posted an odd comment on Twitter about receiving a bulletproof vest for work. She said she was happy the small-sized vest was too big for her, then sarcastically remarked that she needs it “to do journalism in America” as if she’s under attack on our streets. Shortly after posting it, McCammon deleted the comment.

Special Forces veteran Jim Hanson mocked McCammon for the post. He posted the stats for journalists killed in the USA over the last 29 years, making a comment about her “inflated sense of danger.”

If McCammon feels safer wearing a bulletproof vest, that’s her own decision. However, to act though she needs to wear it as part of her uniform is absurd.

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