Reporter Gets Hit By Car During Live Report

Reporter Gets Hit By Car During Live Report

( – Reporting can be a dangerous job sometimes. Journalists put themselves in dicey situations to get a good story. Recently, a West Virginia reporter found out how dangerous it can be the hard way.

On January 19, journalist Tori Yorgey with WSAZ was in Dunbar, WV, giving a live weather report. A winter storm had rolled through the area bringing snow, ice, and bad road conditions. She was speaking to an anchor back in the studio when a car suddenly careened toward her, slamming into her body and knocking her down. She could be heard saying, “Oh my God, I just got hit by a car but I’m okay, Tim.”

Yorgey’s stunned colleague told her that it was a first for her on television. Miraculously, she stood up after being hit by the vehicle.

Yorgey joked that it was funny that she was hit by the car during her last week on the job. The journalist had recently taken a position at a Pennsylvania news station, which she was leaving for at the week’s end.

Although Yorgey was okay, the incident further highlights how dangerous it is to be a reporter, especially on live television. Hopefully, nothing quite so eventful happens to her at her new job.

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