Republican Senate Raised $10 Million Last Month

Republican Senate Raised $10 Million Last Month

( – A massive amount of fundraising is occurring all over the political spectrum even though much of America’s attention is fixated on the presidential race. With House and Senate elections up in the same year, each party is striving to at least maintain their current representation in Congress, if not take over a few seats over their opposition. To make that happen, everyone needs to fund their campaigns, which aren’t cheap.

Over the course of January, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) raised over $10 million, which is more than its Democratic opposition.

In contrast, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) brought in $8.5 million.

The NRSC also had a cash on hand advantage at $25.5 million compared to the DSCC’s $19.75 million. It looks like the Democratic Party needs to up their game if they want to beat the GOP’s momentum.

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  2. amen brother, maga ,we the people need to take our country back. my ancestors fought and sometimes died for the freedoms guaranteed in our Bill of rights and our constitution. the socialist leftist party is trying to destroy our country and way of life.

  3. Amen
    Our constitution and bill of rights is clear. Any person, who is not a citizen in good standing, does not get to vote. I a person wants to be an American citizen, they have to walk the same path that the immigrants walked when they left the Ellis island and the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.

  4. It is a great concern to me that political aspirations have come down to how much money one party can make over the other !!! It used to be more about the individual honesty, morality, ethics, capability and great ideas to make America better, more then the money !! We have lost sense of the true meaning of politics in America !!! I believe this all began with President Carter and certainly with Clinton !?!?! We must go back to when it was for the best interest of We The People and America, not radical far left Anti American Socialistic Ideology, which sadly is happening !!! However, President Trump has been and is the best President we have had in modern history, not to exclude President Reagan !!!! President Trump has and continues to be successful in-spite of all the Far left Radical Socialist Opposition !!!
    Wake Up America and cast your votes for the right persons for We The People, Our Constitution and America !!!

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