Right-Wing Bud Light Replacement Is Soaring Nationwide

Right-Wing Bud Light Replacement Is Soaring Nationwide

(NewsReady.com) – It feels like woke politics has found its way into everything these days — even beer. Bud Lite, which was America’s best-selling beer until a few weeks ago, now faces collapsing sales after the brand decided to collaborate with a trans influencer. Now a Conservative has released an alternative for people who prefer their drinks without a chaser of gender ideology.

On April 1, Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok star who was a gay man until a year ago but now claims to be a woman, released a video featuring custom cans of Bud Lite with his face printed on them. Outraged beer drinkers, including country music stars and conservative groups, called for a boycott of the beer. In the two weeks after Mulvaney’s video, sales of Bud Lite fell by 21%. But if you’re boycotting the most popular beer in the country, what do you drink instead?

One man thinks he has the answer. Seth Weathers — a Georgia-based businessman, former Trump campaign manager and self-styled “Conservative Dad” — swung into action as soon as the Bud Light scandal erupted. Within two weeks of Mulvaney’s video, he’d arranged a partnership with Big Kettle Brewing of Lawrenceville, Georgia, developed a new beer and launched it into the market. Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer has hit the ground running, with 20,000 six-packs pre-ordered in the first 12 days.

If you’re tempted by the idea of a beer that supports conservative values, there’s one bit of bad news — right now, a six-pack of Ultra Right is selling for $19.99, and with shipping added, it could cost you up to $35. At nearly $6 a can, that’s an expensive protest. However, Weathers says the price will be falling soon, so it could be about to get a lot more affordable. And, as a bonus, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a can with Dylan Mulvaney’s face on it.

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