Riots Causing These Stocks to Rise

Riots Causing These Stocks to Rise

( – For days, rioters took to the streets and destroyed businesses, attacked people, and hurt police officers across the country. Law-abiding citizens who exercise their Second Amendment rights prepared themselves just in case the criminals decided to start attacking homes. Unsurprisingly, this is causing gun stocks to rise.

According to Fox News, gun manufacturers like Ruger & Co., police equipment makers, and ammunition companies were trading higher. For example, Vista Outdoor Inc, the company that makes ammo, saw its stocks go up over 9%. Predictions of these increases over the weekend came as news of violence from the riots spread across the internet.

Gun sales have been up for a couple of months as Americans responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes sense though. The Second Amendment is the one right that protects all the others, so of course, citizens are going to make sure they’re exercising it.

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