Riots Force Store Closures

Riots Force Store Closures

( – The coronavirus has already hurt businesses badly enough. Now, there’s even more destruction caused by last weekend’s violence. Target became a prime target for ransackers in the Minneapolis riots and has caught the attention of other looters across the nation.

This has turned the big-box retailer into a potentially unsafe work environment in certain areas. In response, a company spokesperson told USA TODAY over 200 stores in the US will close down to ensure employees remain safe. Earlier, the number was 175.

In its statement, Target says it’ll pay for up to 14 days of scheduled hours, which does include COVID-19 pay. Employees will also be able to work at stores near them.

Other shops and businesses may continue to close down if rioting continues for much longer. If large corporations like Target are already having issues, then the strain placed on local small businesses in affected areas must be immense.

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