Riots: War in the Making? PD Investigates

Police Investigating Whether Riots Are Planned

( – For more than a week, violent rioters have waged attacks of businesses and police officers with bricks. Rumors are swirling that those weapons were actually left at the site of riots on purpose. Law enforcement officers are now looking into whether or not that’s true.

Department of Justice (DOJ) officials, who remained anonymous, told Fox News the riots look like they’re “very organized.” Law enforcement also sees signs the rioters are “professional” agitators belonging to extremist organizations like Antifa. On June 3, NYC Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said criminals are placing bricks around the city.

Officials in other parts of the country are pushing back on these rumors. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, rumors about bricks being placed were proven false. Similar rumors in Atlanta aren’t true according to local police.

It seems as if the methods are varying from city to city. The DOJ, however, is going to thoroughly investigate. Sources say they’re building cases for charges against members of Antifa. Maybe that group will be stopped once and for all.

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  1. If our man President Trump is re-elected we can expect drastic changes in the way we defend our freedoms. If the commie pinkos are able to cheat enough and stumble and not the White House and remember their way around we can bend over and kiss our republic goodby. I will defend her to the death in Jesus name.

  2. If this was another country attacking the American cities, we’d be bringing in the Bradly’s and Abrams tanks, and calling in air support, like Apache gun ships. The most important weapon would be the Infantry.

    The good folks of the city of Troy, Mo., put a fast stop to the invaders! It was like the Minute Men of old, speeding into battle. They had seen the rioters on Tv and weren’t going to have any of it. The enemies took off back to the cites, where they could do their stealing and destruction.

    Hats off to the good folks of Troy! Another example of why we need to fight to keep the 2nd Amendment!

  3. Wow! I hear that the people who wear towels on their heads are spreading rumors that the holocaust was a story, a figment of imagination, that millions of Jews and those who harbored them were buried alive, used for experiments! Put into gas showers naked with any gold in their teeth kicked out, starved, frozen dead and buried in mass graves.So is this blm, antifa,baby murdering groups real or just a
    figment? If the defunding of law inforcement actually comes to fruition we will be in a war, the right against the left. We will defend what is ours and the Holocaust was real just as the freedom of Americans is on the line

  4. What riots? Where? In the last week there have been peaceful demonstrations with videos of police doing violence to protestors. How does false reporting help, seems to me it only instigates anger.

  5. Why is it all right for these rioters to take other ruin other peoples lives by destroying their stores and business, weather WHITE, BROWN , BLACK, TAN, OR ANY OTHER COLOR. The police were wrong, but taking it out on innocent people. The rioters are criminals of the worst kind. I agree they should be shoot on the spot. I am a white man that loves people. I’m a retired veteran and a patriot who loves his GOD and COUNTRY. We need to stop these ass holes from destroying our freedom.

  6. Our President has NO power.
    His Secretary of Defense refused to obey his orders. What had to happen?
    He is arrested on the spot. New man is appointed who will serve the President.Period.
    He needs our support. Otherwise it is an end of this country.

  7. he trick to the staging of weapons is to send a garbage truck along or ahead, to empty and remove non-sanctioned.

  8. Find them, arrest them, prosecute them under the RICO act and eliminate them from our midst. More importantly, find, expose and prosecute the people and Organizations that organize them and fund them. Next, defund and remove their tax advantages ANY of these ”activist” organizations.

  9. WhAT NEEDS to be done may sound harsh but in order to stop all these riots from ever happening again is to call in the military and declare anyone caught looting breaking in business or homes will be shot on sight then follow through with it.They will think twice before doing it again

    • Yeah, and the Border Patrol should just shoot the illegal immigrants dead in their tracks as they try to cross our border illegally. Woohoo!!!

  10. if the cost of all the damages is subtracted from welfare payments I bet id would stop.

  11. George sorority needs to be investigated and take all his assets that way this pos can’t fund anything anymore!!!!!!!period

  12. The Democrats are on a mission of Global proportions, and plan to use the United Nations as a platform to achieve world domination. The Chinese plan to back the Democrats financially, in return for defunding their police, and their military.So if the Democrats get elected, they’re also making plans to open their borders, and offer immediate rights to the immigration process.They will turn America from the land of brave to the land of forsaken.However President Trump has other plans for America’s future , that includes never relinquishing world power,
    and the land of the brave.So go Trump go, and save us from our Biblical fate “the yellow race will rule the world”.

  13. So we AMerican of Republican not illbreeding betray dogs as of Romney, W Bush ,Colin Grassley want to behind Trump to make a war to these thug DemoRats, liberal then Antifa under an illbreeding of Obama all behind this stupid dividing country in wake of the felony black dog Floyd we have to be strong as of against enemies as of China by clean up any force in their protest looting arson destroyed our national and citizen property even killed some our force of policemen on duties, to them just shot to death no mercies as on official from Florida said of encourage to shoot any riots break your door in attempt looting??!

  14. We have the Laws, enforce them. Law & order. Crush ANTIFA & BLM. All LIVES Matter

    • All lives Matter that’s what the Bible says since when does one Race matter?????? I thought we were supposed to treat everyone with respect no matter the color .So why is one race better than another?????? People think about That .without the police 👮‍♀️ it will be like the Wild West again and that’s o.k. By me I’ll be buying some guns I guess. Thanks Democrats didn’t think you liked Guns now you’re forcing people to ARM themselves!!!!!!!!😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬sad people

  15. Another violent terrorist organization is BLM. ANTIFA is not doing this alone. Firstly when these thugs are arrested for the felony charges against them should remain in jail, not let go just because a mayor or govener says to release them. Secondly, Trump should invoke the insurrection act and federalize the national guard and put active duty troops on the city streets. Declare Martial Law in the cities that are occupied by looters and rioters. Let em face military justice for innsurectiion, looting, rioting,arson and what ever else they do against the law. Thirdly you hold the mayor of the city both accountable and responsible for allowing the insurrection to go on. That’s just for starters.

    • Well said. Agree 1000% That’s the spirit. We need more people like you to defeat these criminals and their supporters.
      279 stores across the U.S are defending the rioters and looters. What a shame!
      Equality and not discrimination has always meant discrimination in favor of Blacks and minorities. This is a war against American civilization. We need to find out who is behind the scenes paying some of these looters who are burning down businesses and killing innocent people defending their stores. I ‘m INFURIATED.

  16. What’s going on in America should have never happen the very first day it should of been put down now they can’t stop it or won’t stop it
    But it open my eyes who the real problem is
    Democratic governors and mayor’s their the first to defund our police and the first to call when in trouble republicans are just as bad
    The only one with common sense is Donald j trump the president was right about everything
    Trump got to be the strongest man I know
    God bless trump and America

  17. Send in the military and squash these riots once and for all. Nobody is safe right now and it is only going to get worse. Especially when you consider that even the speaker of the house is helping the rioters.

  18. If you believe that ANTIFA is not organized, please explain to me how they all dress alike, have similar shields and helmets, and ear pieces that can get messages. Just watch and see that they are not the looters, just the ones that do something for the looters to go in.

    • I’m starting to think that the left and White House are in cahoots! Why would the CIA, FBI, as incompetent as they are, allow Georgei Soroz to brazenly fund the anarchists!!??

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