Roger Stone Speaks Out

Roger Stone Speaks Out

( – On July 10, President Donald Trump gave his former campaign adviser Roger Stone clemency. The longtime political operative was facing 40 months in prison as a result of Robert Mueller’s investigation. On Monday, July 13, Stone spoke out for the first time since he was granted his freedom.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Stone railed against the justice system. He said the jury was “stacked” and he believes the only reason he was brought on charges is because of “arrogant, politically motivated prosecutors.” The former Trump adviser said he understands why people lose cases when they go to trial when they’re fighting the “horrific and deep-pocketed” government.

Trump believes Stone is a victim of the Left’s witch hunt and that’s why he gave the former campaign staffer clemency. The president said as much in a statement released by the White House when commuting his political ally’s sentence. Now, Stone is free at last and finally able to truly defend himself.

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