Ron DeSantis Offering Pay Increase to Bring in More Police

Ron Desantis Offering Pay Increase To Bring In More Police

( – When police officers arrive at work, they dedicate their time to keeping the public safe by removing the worst in our society. In today’s climate, they don’t always get the respect or pay they deserve. Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) intends to change that in his state by proposing pay increases and bonuses to law enforcement and first responders in Florida. He aims to take care of heroes in the Sunshine State and recruit any dissatisfied officers from across the country.

On November 29, the governor announced a proposed $73 million for 20% raises in the starting pay for officers just entering the force. The legislation also includes a 25% pay increase for veteran officers. DeSantis wants to spend $135 million to raise the pay for state correctional officers and those with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Firefighters at special risk would receive a salary bump of $2,500 per person.

To bring in personnel from outside the state, the Florida leader wants to offer a $5,000 signing bonus for police officers and $1,000 for responders. Plus, the certification exam would be free for all coming in to serve.

The plan is bound to be fruitful with everything the governor included in his proposal to compensate the people fairly who make personal sacrifices for the public good.

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