Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary Defends Book Removal

( – On April 15, the Florida Department of Education revealed it rejected 54 out of 132 math textbooks because they allegedly contained passages that are not permissible under the state’s new standards. The department accused the publishers of “attempt[ing] to indoctrinate students.” Now, Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) administration is defending the move.

DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw defended the decision to ban the textbooks. She shared a worksheet from a school in Missouri that a teacher downloaded from an international website that provides educational materials to educators around the world. The worksheet combined an algebra and literature lesson to teach students about the American poet Maya Angelou. Pushaw said people should ask themselves why CRT is being injected into a math lesson.

DeSantis has praised the Department of Education for rejecting the math books. He said he was “grateful that Commissioner [Richard] Corcoran and his team” vetted the textbooks to “ensure they comply with the law.” Corcoran said his department is making sure the state has “the highest-quality instructional materials” moving forward.

Neither DeSantis nor the Department of Education have supplied a list of books that were rejected and which passages triggered their bans.

Do you support the Department of Education’s decision to reject the books?

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