Ron DeSantis to Sue CDC

Ron DeSantis to Sue CDC

( – The CDC has burrowed deep into politics over the last year, pushing for the lockdowns that have devastated the US economy. It’s the nature of government bureaucracies to expand their power whenever they get the chance. Now, the CDC is facing pushback.

On May 5, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) confirmed that he plans to sue CDC for exceeding its authority by closing down American businesses. DeSantis is bringing a case on behalf of the cruise liner industry, the financial lifeblood of Florida’s ports and coastal cities. The COVID pandemic is winding down as former president Donald Trump’s vaccination plans pay off big, but the CDC is still imposing new restrictions on ship operators.

The CDC says ships can only visit Florida ports if at least 98% of their passengers have vaccine passports. DeSantis says that’s ridiculous, and will just force the liners to go elsewhere – and take their tourist dollars with them.

Now, the Florida governor wants a court to force CDC to let the state’s cruise industry reopen, and everyone who depends on tourism will be cheering him on.

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