Ron DeSantis Wants To Ban Chinese Buyup of American Land

Ron DeSantis Wants To Ban Chinese Buyup of American Land

Ron DeSantis Wants to Ban These Sales

( – China has purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland across America. Buyers from the communist country have also invested heavily in residential real estate. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) wants to put an end to that in his state.

On July 22, DeSantis sat down with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham while at the Turning Point USA conference in Tampa. She pointed out the concern about Chinese investors purchasing a tremendous amount of land. In Florida, she said, those purchases have been driving up the cost of real estate. Currently, the southern state has one of the hottest markets in the country; experts have warned houses in South Florida are overpriced by as much as 30%.

DeSantis told the Fox host that he doesn’t think it should be happening. He believes the issue is companies have hidden ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and says that is a “huge problem.”

To further cut ties with China, DeSantis said he believes Republicans will introduce legislation to prohibit pension investments into entities that might be linked to the communists. The state has also banned “Confucius Institutes,” which allow CCP propaganda to influence higher education.

The governor didn’t specifically discuss banning the Chinese from purchasing land, but federal lawmakers have discussed prohibiting it for national security reasons. No bills actually taking steps to do that have advanced, though.

Do you think the country should ban China from purchasing property in America?

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