Rudy Giuliani Deletes Tweets Denying He Was Drunk on Election Night

Rudy Giuliani Deletes Tweet Denying He Was Drunk on Election Night

Rudy Giuliani Deletes Tweets – He’s Tired

( – Election night 2020 was busy in the White House. Then-President Donald Trump, his campaign staff, administration officials, attorneys, and family gathered at the White House to wait for the election results. Rudy Giuliani was reportedly at the event, but he was allegedly enjoying the cocktails a little too much.

On June 14, Giuliani posted tweets denying he was drunk on election night, saying he turned alcohol down. He later deleted the denial and another tweet saying he was “disgusted” by campaign manager Bill Stepien and aide Jason Miller on election night.

Giuliani’s messages pertain to the second January 6 Committee hearing that took place the day before. The committee played depositions of former President Trump’s officials talking about what was happening on election night. When Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden, and it became clear the election results wouldn’t be in that night, there was a discussion about whether Trump should declare victory.

Stepien and Miller said Giuliani demanded to speak to the POTUS. They refused because Miller said the former NYC mayor was “definitely intoxicated.” Eventually, Giuliani had a conversation and told Trump to declare victory that night, something the campaign manager and other aides were against. Jared Kushner testified that he told his father-in-law that wasn’t the approach he would take, but Trump said he trusted Giuliani.

A year and a half later, Giuliani’s law license has been suspended in both New York and Washington, DC, following his behavior after the election.

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