Rudy Giuliani Election Witness Says She’s Running for State House Seat

Rudy Giuliani Election Witness Says She's Running for State House Seat

( – On December 2, 2020, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani went before lawmakers in Michigan to discuss potential voter fraud. He asked an IT worker, Mellissa Carone, to speak about what she witnessed. Her testimony went viral, and now she’s reportedly taking a big step.

Carone is planning on running to represent Michigan’s 46th District. In a January 22 interview with Deadline Detroit, she said her goal is to make sure ballots are “hand-counted.” She also said she hopes to drain the swamp in Lansing, the state capital, like Trump did in DC.

Watch the video of her December testimony below:

One thing is for certain: if Mellissa succeeds in her race, there will be someone in the Michigan House who actually wants to protect elections. That’s something states around the country desperately need to ensure the US has free and fair elections moving forward.

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