Russia Is Bombing Ukrainian Civilians, Despite Claims Otherwise

Russia Is Bombing Ukrainian Civilians, Despite Claims Otherwise

Civilians TARGETED – Intentional Destructive Plot Revealed!

( – Reports came in about war crimes early on in after Russian invaded Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin’s troops allegedly tortured and murdered innocent civilians. Now it seems his military is once again being accused of targeting non-combatants

On June 27, a missile struck a mall in Kremenchuk, and at least 19 civilians died in the blast. In early July, 21 others were murdered when a strike hit a recreation area and an apartment building in southern Odesa. Most recently, on July 10, a rocket hit apartment buildings in Chasiv Yar, killing at least 15 and trapping nearly 2 dozen others.

According to NPR, Russia has made false remarks about the airstrikes that killed civilians, including claiming the deaths were staged because the mall that was hit was empty. The invading military also claimed it only hit a factory where Ukrainians were hiding weapons and the resulting fire spread to the mall.

The news organization reported Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, who previously served as the head of the US Army in Europe, claimed the plant appeared to have been the target in the mall bombing. The forces were allegedly attempting to destroy weapons Western countries sent to Ukraine, but haven’t “been able to in any way effectively disrupt the logistical network inside” the country. He went on to say the enemy forces are having a hard time actually hitting their targets because they “failed to achieve air superiority” and have to fire from Russia or Belarus.

Further, Hodges believes that by hitting civilian centers, Russia is achieving “maximum terror.”

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