Russian General Escapes Attack That Left 200 Dead

Russian General Escapes Attack That Left 200 Dead

200 People KILLED – Look Who Barely Escaped!

( – Russia has lost a number of high-ranking military officers in its war against Ukraine. On Saturday, April 30, one of the most important generals in the Russian military narrowly escaped an attack. However, 200 other troops, including another general, weren’t so lucky.

Russia’s highest uniformed officer, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, visited his soldiers in eastern Ukraine to try to “change the course” of the offensive there, the New York Times reported. Ukrainian officials learned he was in the country and launched an attack on one of the areas the general visited. The strike killed roughly 200 soldiers, including Maj. Gen. Andrei Simonov. However, Gerasimov had already left Ukraine for Russia.

Gerasimov reportedly traveled to Ukraine amid reports that the Russian military was in disarray. The major general’s presence in the region was highly unusual, but shows how concerned Russia is about the issues surrounding its Armed Services. In two months, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces have been slow to make gains.

The Times reported the Russian military is very reliant on its hierarchy, and Gerasimov is one of only three people in charge of changing military strategy. Those strict rules have made it hard for Russia to adapt as conditions on the ground change.

Russia hasn’t responded to information about the attack or confirmed Gerasimov’s presence.

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