Russian Spies Caught Behind Enemy Lines

Russian Spies Caught Behind Enemy Lines

Russian Spies CAUGHT – Intelligence Recovered

( – A pair of suspected Russian spies caught at the war’s eastern front face espionage charges for trying to steal information about Ukrainian troops and equipment. The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the country’s equivalent of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), caught the alleged infiltrators in the Donetsk Oblast, an area mostly controlled by Russia and its separatist supporters.

The Kyiv Post, an English-language news outlet from the nation’s capital city, posted a quote from the SSU in large text that reads, “the agents were adjusting enemy missile attacks.” The Ukrainians believe the spies used information obtained through tradecraft to help Russian forces on the ground destroy a water management facility.

Authorities believe the suspects have ties to a militant group in the Russian-controlled areas in Eastern Ukraine known as the DNR People’s Militia. Investigators believe one of their main objectives was obtaining the location of M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), a game-changer from the West that gives Ukraine a fighting chance in the long-distance missile game.

The sophisticated missile system continues to help the Ukrainians stave off the enemy, whose war efforts went from measuring advances in miles to counting inches and feet. While it seems President Vladimir Putin’s resolve to absorb Ukraine into his version of the next incarnation of Russia remains strong, Ukraine’s chances of keeping its sovereignty remain high.

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