Russian Troops Allegedly Given New Orders

Russian Troops Allegedly Given New Orders

( – US intelligence sources say an invasion of Ukraine is now inevitable, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already given the orders for his forces to launch their attack. Is Europe heading into another major war?

Last Friday, February 18, President Joe Biden said he believes Russia already decided to invade Ukraine – and now we know why. On February 20, CBS News announced that, according to a source inside US intelligence, Putin issued orders for an attack on his neighbor, and his forces are now moving to carry them out.

Russia has been building up its forces along the Ukrainian border for months, including at least 30,000 inside Belarus, which allows for an attack from the north as well as the east. That deployment accelerated in the last 3 weeks, and there are now an estimated 190,000 Russian troops close to the border organized in up to 125 powerful battalion combat groups.

Over the last few days, many of these troops have been moving out of their encampments into tactical formations and approaching the border. One US official estimated that 40-50% of the Russian forces are already “in an attack position.” That 40-50% likely represents the first phase, tasked with breaking the Ukrainian defense. A second wave will follow up to reinforce successful attacks, and the third will be held back until the defense collapses. That’s when forces will advance deep into Ukraine, seizing strategic objectives.

Biden initially agreed to meet with Putin to discuss the crisis in Ukraine, but that came with contingencies that the Russian president has failed to meet. With Putin’s forces now moving to occupy the two regions he declared independent on February 21 — Luhansk and Donetsk — it’s anybody’s guess what happens next.

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